Timeless Watches

Portugal is a small country and some people are still very judgmental. I think that mentalities have been changing slowly in the past few years since the tourism boom. But there are still a lot of people that question the quality of what is designed here, in this tiny piece of land facing the Atlantic Ocean. Since I was born I’ve always heard that foreign things were so much better than what we were doing in music, fashion, architecture, food, …

When I accepted to design a collection of classical/minimalistic watches here, in my own city, I was so glad to feel part of the change! To prove that we can do it as well! I have to thank my bosses for giving me the freedom and for being so cool about everything from the first moment until the last! Now I feel I’ve done my job and this project can move on without me. I’ll always remember it because I’ve learned so much, not only about the process of designing accessories as complex as watches but also because I was able to do it in a super cool and fresh environment!

Photos credits are mine for Timeless Watches and bloggers Joana Vaz and Double Trouble Blog.

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