NY #1

We arrived at about 11pm, so we went straight to the hotel by public transportation. I felt I belonged with all the crazy people on the subway! 😜 The next morning we went right out and we walked non stop.

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As a NY first timer I felt bliss wherever I was. It was all I ever imagined and more. I just felt I belonged to all that frenzy! And because we don’t really like to stick to rules, we just decided to ramble around.

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Our rambling drove us (not in a correct timeline order) to Central Station, China Town (where we had a great foot massage), Little Italy, The Met ♥ and Rockefeller Center.

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As we went on, we came upon Brooklyn Bridge, so we crossed it and continued strolling towards the South. There’s an amazing park over there, where people go to play sports, chill or have a collective BBQ with friends and neighbors.


At the end of the afternoon we were starving, so we looked up for a cool restaurant to eat and we ended up going to Yemen Café (176 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn). I can tell you that I would eat the same lamb with hummus for the rest of my life!

Stay tuned to find out what’s next! ♥

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