The German Wedding

Back in 2013, as an intern at Ann iDemeulemeester I was blessed to meet a lot of amazing people. One of them was my dear Katharina. She and her boyfriend Daniel came to Portugal twice since then and on the last time they were here, which was last Summer, he proposed! Of course we wouldn’t miss their wedding for the world!


Luis, Tim and Andreia came along and we spent the time that we weren’t with the wedding party getting to know the countryside in the south of Frankfurt.


As we were not going back to the hotel to change, we dressed up for the wedding in the morning though the party would only happen in the afternoon. I have to say that Portuguese people are not that used to attend to Winter weddings. But we got lucky with the weather.


We met Katharina and Daniel’s friends the day before the party and we had a blast. We were also so glad to see Ingo again (a friend of them who also stayed in Portugal before), and we were able to meet his lovely wife and baby! We couldn’t be happier and we danced all night and laughed at german jokes even though we couldn’t understand everything. I have to say that it’s a shame that we never take pictures together, so this time, we took a lot but still weren’t able to take one with the groom.


There was a lot of dancing to 90’s tunes and there was even a concert by Daniel and his friend Maurice! I was so touched when they played the song that Daniel wrote with my name on it! Daniel actually wrote it when they were in Portugal for the first time and the song title is pretty badass: Bitten by a Rottweiler! I just loved everything! On our last day, we came to Katharina’s parents house to say goodbye and we spent the day visiting Heidelberg and then Frankfurt.


Here are some photos that I found from our time in Antwerp, taken with my polaroid camera.


On this last one I was crying because I was leaving on the the next day. Little did I know, back then, that we would keep on being friends and that we would share so many moment together. Hope that there are still a lot more to come! Love you guys! ❤


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