From Merida to Uxmal



Here’s a pic of the party I talked about on my last post! People have such cool faces! I can’t get over them. So, we arrived in Merida at around 8 pm and proceeded to have dinner in a delightful restaurant called Oliva. Then we took a stroll around Merida’s historical center. It’s a very alluring city with a lot of things going on. There’s a square where we had a couple of beers called Parque de Santa Lucía, which has a bunch of busts from famous singers of Serenatas Yucatecas and music to go with it. On our way back we got to try marquesitos from a street food stand and they are superb (it’s like a thin wafer rolled like a crepe, usually with goat milk caramel and cheese inside).  It would’ve been amazing if we wouldn’t have to leave the next day so we could explore even more this youthful city. If you go there, be sure to hit the Lucas de Galvez market.


We stayed at this wonderful airbnb Colonial Villa. The room was huge with lovely antiques and the bed was like a fluffy cloud with tons of pillows. We couldn’t resist a midnight swim on the beautiful swimming pool.

12 capa6

We had an early swim and breakfast and headed towards Uxmal (always through secondary roads). Did you know that most little villages have their own tortilla factory? A real meal doesn’t come without tortillas, how would you grab your food otherwise?


Uxmal is a beauty hidden in the jungle. There were almost no tourists, so the place was very quiet and those otherworldly buildings were just standing there, waiting. It’s understandable that in other monuments alike they don’t let you climb the stairs of the tallest pyramids. We got up the great pyramid fine, but going down was seriously dreadful for me as I’m a bit of an acrophobic and the steps are so steep that it looks like you’ll fall straight to the ground below.

11_22013_223108 capa13

Going back to the coast we visited Izamal, the Pueblo Magico, a pleasant little city with a very cool monastery. From there we calmly went towards Playa del Carmen, to spend some days at the beach.


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