Dreamy Turquoise


We arrived at Playa del Carmen late and stayed at a lovely renovated place just 2 streets away from the beach. After we explored a bit we came to the conclusion that most accesses to the beach are made through the hotels, so most of the beach area is “private”. This bugged us a bit, but made us explore the coast on the following days.


We visited the Mayan ruins in Tulum and it was freaking hot, so we had to hydrate and didn’t miss the chance to have some natural fruit sorbets! After that we went to the beach in the surroundings and got to scuba dive in the Mesoamerican Reef. After it, we had dinner at Antojitos La Chiapaneca, an amazing traditional restaurant with great local food. I also got to buy a red dress with embroidered flowers and a blanket in pastel colours.


We visited a pretty cool turtle sanctuary and hung around the beautiful turquoise water beaches that exist between the huge resorts. There are no people there because you can only go by car and also because people from the resorts don’t bother to walk a lot to find their place in the sun! 🌞


If you’re into ethnical clothing, accessories and decor, you’ll go nuts because there are so many beautiful things in the shops. I specially loved a shop called Rosalia. They have amazing clothing, tapestry and other cool things from all around Mexico and the concept is really cool. Can you spot the iguana in the picture below?


With this post I close my first Mexican chapter, hoping to get back one day and explore the whole country. ❤️

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