No Vampires in Transylvania


Usually my boyfriend’s mom organizes an annual trip to get her three sons and their girlfriends/wives together. Oh, and there’s also grandchildren that she can’t live without! So this year we decided to go to Romania, more precisely to Transylvania. It’s getting really hard to choose a place where none of us had ever been!


Half of us arrived in Bucharest really early in the morning so we decided to meet in the center of the city for breakfast. We drove around to get to know the city and it is a real beauty: decadent and charming. After a very complete meal we went to Brașov, where we had a birthday lunch for Paulo, my brother-in-law, at La Ceaun. There we ate the most amazing romanian slowly cooked dishes and if you like polenta, you’ll love theirs. It’s a place for family and friends and the decor is really sweet!


We traveled the whole afternoon and bought some groceries for later. The place we stayed at is very secluded and so incredible. We booked it through Airbnb and it’s called Cabana Sapte. It was so incredibly cozy and in touch with nature, the huge window in the living room and the sheepskin all around made it just perfect!


It was quiet rainy on the following day, so we drove around the hills and had lunch at this very quirky place, which we found by chance, called Albota Turistic Complex. It is actually a trout farm, so none of the things on the menu are very good besides the fried trout, which is indeed super tasty. The place was really peculiar, with places for foot treatment on the trout tanks and some other activities like fishing, which I figure mustn’t be that hard, given the circumstances.


At the end of the day the boys prepared a lovely barbecue for the family and we got to enjoy our last evening in our Cabana.


On our third day we traveled around and got to visit the beautiful Mănăstirea Brâncoveanu, an orthodox monastery.


Later that day we drove towards one of Romania’s most turistic spots – the Bran Castle. After reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula aloud to Luis last Summer, we still had a very present image of the writer’s descriptions in our minds. Sure we thought it would be bigger and way more creepy but it’s still worth visiting. It has very cool interiors and is oddly cute. Back in the street we ate some street food: Kürtőskalács, a sweet, crispy and huge roll, perfect for sharing, and Lángos, a fried bread with cheese (which made me think of Pizza Hut, my favourite fast food restaurant).


The place where we stayed – The Cottage in the Carpathians –  that night and the following was absolutely amazing! It is located in Râu Alb de Sus and consists of a main house and two other little ones, which were formerly used as stables, and endless gardens with animals. It is decorated with a lot of typical  romanian embroideries and objects that were used many decades ago. The heating system is absolutely amazing, so old but still so efficient, the wood with which the houses were made is preserved as old as it gets, but so full of life! And, last but not least, the dogs that hang around saluting you with their amiable energy make you feel like you belong to this idyllic place.


On our last day we went for a walk on the woods, that started on a little village. We walked for about two hours, breathing in the nature that surrounded us. It’s all so beautiful and the weather was perfect. We ended up having lunch at Potcoava Mountain Hideaway, where we were so kindly received. We came back, this time not trying to shorten our way, through one of the main roads (I think we saw 3 cars in our 2 or 3 hour walk). We had our last barbecue and enjoyed our last evening together.


I can’t wait for our next trip together! And, as Joana, my sister-in-law said: “Thanks everyone for working so much (like driving and cooking and taking care of the kids), letting me and Teresa rest”! 😅

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  1. Consegui viajar até à Roménia através do teu post! Adorei❤

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