I started saying I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was only 4. When everybody around me was telling me I should study architecture, because it was like a tradition in my family, I swam against the tide and graduated in fashion design in 2011. At that time I won a prize from Acrobactic, a Portuguese fashion competition, with my final graduate collection in 2012. I concluded my MA in fashion design in 2013, in Lisbon, and in the same year I had the opportunity to work at Ann Demeulemeester, one of my favourite fashion designers. But Belgium is not as sunny as Portugal, so I came back.

When I got back I worked as a fashion designer at Sahoco, a really popular and prosperous Portuguese brand. At the same time I started decorating some apartment interiors and after almost two years, I had to quit Sahoco because the interior projects were becoming bigger! Apart from the apartments, I got the chance to decorate two big hostels as well and the flexibility of this kind of work was perfect to make some other fashion related and design projects in between.

In 2016 I accepted a job as head designer at a watch company called Timeless Watches where I was able to design classical timepieces. However my life needed more surprises and less routine so I quit that job and now the time has come to jump into the unknown again!

Follow me on my new journey! =)

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